Masoud Coverlet talks about those people who are investment entrepreneurs

At first, he was an apprentice and a huge investor entrepreneur in various projects, and now he is the manager and manager of the Covert brand, one of the most reputable well-known brands in Iran.

They say that in the past, getting rich was limited to middle-aged men and women.

In the past decades, many people were surprised if someone got rich at a young age.

But today the younger generation also has their own great success stories.

The enrichment of young people can be attributed to the age of information and technology explosion today.

The more you learn, the better your chances of success, and the Internet plays a big role in this. This more learning and thirst for growth is the root of the success of successful people compared to previous generations.

Getting rich is a side effect of success in a field, but how is it really done?

Starting any new business requires capital, but not billions of dollars. The main capital of the people we know these days as successful and capitalist is their financial intelligence, timing, initiative and risk-taking.

When it comes to starting a new job and a business, in the traditional people, a shop, a stylish office, a general staff, and a go-getter are formed, which requires at least a few tens of millions of tomans of initial capital.

But these days, when there is a lot of information in various fields on the Internet, you can start a business with little capital and get rich.

It is you who must test your abilities and start your own business with these ideas. The Internet is a great opportunity to make a fortune in your individual pockets and you should take advantage of this opportunity.

Let’s be honest.

It is very easy to get rich through a profession. When we are looking for a good job, we often have dreams that do not come true in the beginning.

The fact is that in the beginning you can not have money and passion together.

Today you can use many free resources to get a clearer picture of your current economic situation and career prospects, so you will be more comfortable when you are looking for a good job.

Make sure you make your decisions based on what you know to be true, and if you do not have a coherent plan, do not let your emotions overwhelm you.

It does not matter if your knowledge of the field was acquired by studying for a master’s degree at Sharif University of Technology or by enrolling in a course.

Instead, you should have an acceptable knowledge of your field of work.

Even cases with a purely theoretical approach can sometimes help you in real projects and set you apart from your peers. In addition, when hiring, your academic resume will have a better impact on the employer from unknown and even invalid work records.

If your first priority is to get rich and live comfortably in the future, do not pursue your interest in a particular field too much.

Take a look at the results of research on the average income of different occupations to see which fields are closer to your interests and are more likely to get rich.

For example, you are more likely to become rich as a financial engineer than a university professor. Choose the right place for a job. Go to a place where there are better and more jobs. For example, as an expert on financial and stock market issues, there will be a better field of work and more growth opportunities for you in Tehran than in a small city.

Start a personal business. Most successful people have a side income other than a fixed monthly salary, which sometimes earns them more.

It takes a lot of focus and time and a lot of stress, but after a while it becomes profitable, you can see the result.

In addition to earning more, you will have the advantage of being your own boss and setting your own working hours. We suggest that you start your own business after gaining experience in a particular field and gaining knowledge of its various aspects.

Invest in financial markets

Financial markets are a great place to multiply your money.

If you equip yourself with the necessary knowledge and are an opportunist, you will be able to earn many times your annual income this way. Buying and selling shares of reputable companies and bonds is a sure way to generate sub-income.

For more risk-averse people, investing in the stock market will bring more profit. In addition, investing in gold and currency should not be neglected. These markets are surprisingly profitable in domestic or global economic crises.

Invest in real estate

Buying rental property or land in growing locations is an investment that you will always win.

As the population grows and so does the demand for housing as well as commercial real estate, you can expect a guaranteed profit.

If you are not a risk taker, you can buy a rental unit, not only to increase your capital, but also to use its monthly rent.

If you have enough time and energy and are looking for high profits, it is recommended that you build individually or in partnership.

Take your time. Instead of wasting a few hours a day, try to plan for the whole day.

Use any time to learn topics such as economic mechanisms, stock market performance, simple and advanced mathematical models of financial analysis, and more.

From purchases thatAvoid their value in the future, avoid

Buying an expensive car, for example, is not an economically viable option, because no matter how much work you put into it, after 5 years, its value will drop dramatically.

I hope you have taken full advantage of my words.