Marly (Almir Leka) The Albanian Singer that Inspires Young Generation


Only at an age of 23, Marly (Almir Leka) has become one of the most influential public figures on social media. His magnetic presence, funny ideas, alongside to his undisputed talent for hip hop and reggae, are listing him on new hights regarding instagram influencers. His instagram account (@marly.artist) counts more than 30k followers, which is impressive for someone at such a young age. Interviewed by our sources, he replied that everything started when he was just 15 and decided to join the music industry. “Everything seemed very hard at the beggining, but you get used to it as you mature”, he was quoted saying. Apparently fame hasn’t hit him in the head as they say, instead the youngster has become inspiration to many fellow albanians. He claims that teenagers should feel lucky on being part of this generation as now everything is out there, “easy”, as he says. The singer of countless hits such as: Sant & Marly – Ne Yo, Sant & Marly – D.M.P.L, Sant & Marly – Hola, Devis Xherahu ft Marly – Me Pelqen Ajo , Devis Xherahu ft Marly – Per Ty Mbarova, has lately released the newest single featuring Sant (iamsantiiii), by the title : Casa de Papel, as an homage to the Tv series under the same name. In the videoclip the boys are seen wearing same costumes as the characters of the series. These last days Marly (Almir Leka) has led the fans to believe by posting in his instagram stories (@marly.artist) pictures from a potential musical project. Whatever the news might be bearing, it seems to be good, so the fans should keep waiting for it to be official. 




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