Making strides with his new opioid treatment, Dr. Russell Surasky is bringing in a sea change

What prompted him to start treating patients with his innovative treatment method was a 2001 study.

In a nation with the world’s highest addiction rates, a strong understanding and experience of how opioids function is sorely lacking. Educating people about how opioids wreak havoc on the brain and why the cycle of violence is so difficult to break is one of the first steps in reducing addiction rates. This is when visionary doctors like Dr. Surasky come into the picture with modern innovations and approaches to help opioid abused patients.

Dr. Surasky from New York is a specialist in neurology. In both neurology and addiction medicine, he is triple board certified. Rumour has it that, with his rare mix of qualifications, he may be the only doctor in the US with such credentials. He is currently the medical director of the multi-center outpatient addiction recovery programme, Bridge Back to Life, and the founder of the Surasky Neurological Center for Addiction in Great Neck, N.Y. “Drug addiction is destroying lives and families,” says Dr. Surasky. “Medication-assisted treatment can stabilize the brain by reversing the neurological damage caused by opioids and providing patients with a support system and the prospect of permanent recovery along with ongoing behavioural therapy.”

Suboxone and Methadone are popular new opioid addiction treatment drugs that are themselves opioid drugs. This means that they are dependent and contribute to dependency. On the other hand Dr. Surasky’s Vivitrol is not an opioid derivative and does not give rise to a high or sick feeling. Rather, the patient is not affected by anything. The lack of desires for opioids is what they find. The fact that VIVITROL is not an opioid also means that it is not addictive. There is absolutely no chance of physical dependence related to taking it. In addition, there are no harmful side effects that feature similar alternatives, such as feeling high or ill. Dr. Surasky has also included a recovery method to go along with Vivitrol therapies to help prevent serious withdrawal symptoms. This requires the use of Lucemyra and others, which can easily alleviate unnecessary withdrawal symptoms.

Dr. Surasky claims that nothing is more important than preserving families safe and united. If anyone in a family is the victim of opioid addiction, their family still suffers. This is why a solution such as Vivitrol is welcome and will help families escape the terribly devastating effects of opioid abuse everywhere.

Dr Surasky is also a trained speaker in the field of education and specialised therapies for medical professionals and the New York criminal justice system.

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