Make way for Arian Eghbali, the rising name in the music world as a singer

He has thrived on his passion for music and his commitment to his musical craft.

To be able to make a name for oneself in any industry today can come along different hurdles and challenges in one’s path. However, have all the stories of professionals across industries of the world that we have heard about so far had given up in their journeys? Well, if that had happened, the success stories that we know about today wouldn’t be a reality. Especially, to make a name for oneself in the music world can get even more challenging because of the unending competition it offers artists and musicians. However, there are a few rare gems in the musical world who have today become rising names in their own right in the industry. One among them is Arian Eghbali, who believed in what he aspired to be and thus went ahead in becoming a known name in the industry.

Arian Eghbali could appear to be just another guy and singer in the music industry, but he is more than that; he is an extraordinary talent, who since 2013 has been sparing no effort in giving in his best as a singer, which has what helped him earn the love and plaudits he keeps receiving for his musical talents.

In 2013, he first released the song titled Kooche Shoma, which earned him massive recognition in the industry. Then he kept honing his skills in music as a singer and came up with Delom Makon Vel, followed by Naze Negahet. His song Dokhtone Bandar, Bisto Haftom Ke Biad, and Roozane Sakht have also garnered him much fame in the industry.

Arian Eghbali is now looking forward to doing more work as a singer and a true musical artist in the industry and enhancing his musical craft. To know more, listen to his songs on Spotify