Lockdown with actress Alina Rai

London, United Kingdom.

Actress Alina Rai has been spotted on social media spending her lockdown at home in London England.

Tell us about your return home during this lockdown period. 

Well I did not plan it like this I was actually in between filming and had a break therefore decided to return back London for what was planned to be a two week break. On arrival to London things quickly escalated and a lockdown was imposed two days later. 

Since the lockdown Alina seems to not have stopped surprising us with her enchanting exotic beauty whether it be her daily photos or food photos we are all hooked on how Alina is spending her lockdown. 

Alina has been taking the time to really get to know her fans as she makes frequent live sessions on her instagram where she engages in answering her fans questions. There really is something pure and a sense of innocence in Alina Rai which we love about her.

Recently we have been lucky enough to see the Kamaal actresses talented sketching skills as we got to see her spending time sketching portraits. 

Being in lockdown has been a big change and difficulty for everyone and we can see that we are all in the same situation. So stay indoors and be safe.