Letsbiz – Your Business Social Network App

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Letsbiz is India’s very own and very first Business Social Network.

Founder Harsh Sevani, having experience in the Textile Retail industry, realised that one of the most important things in doing a business is Relationship, more technically speaking “Networking” whether it is with Customer or other Businesses.

Harsh observed that as easier it is to reach out to customers to sell your products online is, the more difficult it is to reach out to other businesses for B2B deals.

So as best of the best entrepreneurs do “Scratching their own Itch”, Harsh did the same and founded Letsbiz.

Letsbiz – Your Business Social Network is one of its kind in the market and is revolutionising the B2B networking.

What is Letsbiz exactly?

As we already mentioned Letsbiz is one of its kinds, so let us simplify it for you.

You guys know about Business websites where you can show your products and services, give some information about your business; provide your contact details, etc. 

And you guys also know Social Media where you have your own profile, you can post photos, upload stories, follow other people, personally chat with them, and keep updated yourself with what businesses are doing.

So Letsbiz gives you the best of both worlds. 

On Letsbiz sellers will have their own Profile where they can showcase their products, tell customers more about their company, post pictures and daily updates.

And their customers and other businesses can follow them to get regularly updated.

Redefining B2B Networking

On Letsbiz Sellers can have all the details on their profile like their Seller type viz. Retailer, Wholesaler, Manufacturer, etc. This makes it very easy to find other businesses for deals.

Also their contact information like Phone Number and Email Id will be available on their Profile along with physical office address.

So it becomes very easy to Find and Connect with other Businesses.

Businesses can also chat with each other on the Letsbiz app via the inbuilt chat feature.