Know your hip-hop artist – J.T. Hiskey


John Taylor Hiskey, or better known as J.T. Hiskey, is a rising hip-hop artist originating from Salt Lake City, Utah.

The twenty-two-year-old rapper has had massive success at a young age. From featuring in The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to touring with Afroman and Water Taxi, J.T. Hiskey has been making a name for himself.

He gives the audience a feeling of realness through his lyrical wordplay and unique style. J.T. Hiskey is fueled by positivity wanting to make the listener’s day better through his music. Recently releasing ‘Making Hisktory’, the hip-hop artist continues his rise in the music scene. J.T. Hiskey is an artist to keep an eye on and ears out for as he continues to leave his footprint with his eclectic, powerful, and message-heavy music.

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