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Beyone vs Kim Kardashian & her Plastic Surgeon

Kim Kardashian West has been accused of many things during her near decade of superstardom. During her tenure as one of the reigning queens of high society, the beauty and fashion mogul has attracted both admiration and criticism. However, both fans and critics alike have noted that Kim doesn’t look at all like she used to. The pop culture icon has made a name for herself for her work in beauty and fashion, and has utilized both in an effort to distinguish herself from her upbringing. This is most obvious when one looks at her face. Kim has transformed herself with plastic surgery, NYC fans say, from a caucasian girl-next-door to a model trying to imitate pop megastar Beyonce. 

A History of Plastic Surgery

You may be questioning whether or not Kim has even had plastic surgery in her life. However, this is no longer a question at all. Though Kim has famously denied having had surgery procedures done, besides a little Botox, plastic surgery experts have looked at the superstar and analyzed the truth. Kim has almost definitely had a rhinoplasty, Brazilian bum lift, boob job, liposuction, a lifted hairline, and cheek fillers. While officially conjecture, plastic surgeons wouldn’t guess at such procedures lightly, especially when exposed to the telling before and after photos. 

Social Media Users Make a Compelling Case

Twitter user @glowr3a first noticed the resemblance when eyeing one of Kim’s 60s-inspired photoshoots. The user tweeted out: 

“Why does @KimKardashian look like @Beyonce here tho…. had to zoom in to see it clearer”

She isn’t the only one noticing the uncanny resemblance, either. Rapper Gage first noticed similarities after both Beyonce and Kim posted selfies that had strong resemblances to one another. Both Beyonce and Kim are seen sporting straight hair, puffy lips, and strong contours. In a funny tweet, Gage wrote: 

“Plastic surgeon: what will we be doing this time miss Kardashian 

Kim k: I want the @Beyonce face

Plastic surgeon: done”

While some fans have come to Kim’s defense, arguing that she was the one originally sporting the straight hair/tan faced look, it’s hard to argue against the fact that it’s Beyonce who has always had brown skin – whereas Kim can’t say the same. While tan skin doesn’t equate to plastic surgery NYC experts could provide, they can provide the rhinoplasties, cheek fillers, and other procedures necessary to make Kim look like Beyonce. 

Why Would Kim Try to Look Like Beyonce?

Obviously, it’s a little odd that Kim would use plastic surgery to try to look like somebody else. After all, the pop culture princess originally became successful while looking like herself, so why change now to look like someone else? The answer is pretty simple when you think about it: multi-ethnic reach. Kim has multiple fashion and makeup lines, both of which she wants to be able to market to as many people as possible. In order to do so, she needs to appeal to as many demographics as possible. Beyonce is an easy model to emulate, as she is instantly recognizable to most of the world, particularly people of color. So, next time you’re tempted to buy a Kardashian-West product, consider: do I want to be supporting someone with this kind of business strategy? 

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