Jose Arias – Influencing Minds Through Social Media Marketing

Crafting a social media career out, Jose Arias has inspired companies to the idea of Instagram-marketing.

Online-marketing has established its presence in the ever-changing world of the marketing landscape. The need to personally market products to the customers have pushed big companies to sell their products on various social media services. Recently, after Facebook, Instagram has emerged as a terrific market-place online. With over 600 million users monthly, marketing your products on this platform gives the businesses an added advantage. The increase in Instagram-marketing is also due to the emergence of social media influencers. Jose Arias is one such influencer, who has developed his following through effective online-marketing and creativity.

Jose Arias’ innate ability to transform a current trending topic into a meme has amassed a large number of fans of his Instagram page @dawg. Arias at 16 years of age, started using social media and fell in love with the humour side of it. He liked to showcase his brand through humour and immediately started a meme page. By learning the intricacies of social media, Arias dropped out of college and decided to become a social media entrepreneur. Hailing from New York, the 25-year-old is a self-made, self-taught social media marketer and influencer. He listed down types of advertisements on Instagram to effectively market the products.

  • Photo Ad: Companies and small businesses must give photo ads on Instagram and also feature the ads on their website. A powerful photo ad will feel like a normal post and the users won’t dismiss the ad. To create a harmony between its website and Instagram, the companies should have the same photo ad on their website as well; this makes the user trust the website.
  • Slideshow ads: On Instagram, slideshow ads allow its users to upload up to 10 images, select the background music to be played during the slideshow and also gives an option to choose each image’s screen duration. Slideshow ads can go on for a maximum of 50 seconds and can play on a loop.
  • Carousel ads: These ads are similar to slideshow ads; the only difference being that instead of images playing on a loop, the user gets the option to swipe the rest of the images. This allows a user to properly gauge the product.
  • Video Ads: A maximum window of 60 seconds is allotted to the users to showcase their video ads. This is a very good feature and allows effective advertising to many businesses.

Jose Arias has himself enhanced his stories and posts through various advertising tools and has carved out an amazing career. His ability to help and advise his contemporaries or beginners has helped him build his skills as an influencer. Jose Arias owns a media company that manages OnlyFans models, meme pages, influencers and international models. Jose Arias publishes interesting posts live videos that’ll help users to grow and establish their personal and business presence on social media via his Instagram Account @papii

Canada based popular Indian entrepreneur, educationist and businessman, Romy Johnson, is a proud founder, owner and CEO of British Indian Academy, Xaare, Fames Media and Cool Gurus. He interviewed Jose Arias, a top social media marketer and influencer from New York. To know more about Romy, follow him on Facebook and Instagram – @RomyJohnsonOfficial.