Is Lootie changing the entire online shopping experience?

Due to various benefits and advantages, many people prefer to purchase through online stores instead of conventional shopping. It also changed their decision-making process dramatically in recent years. With high-quality internet access, buyers conduct thorough research before buying anything online.

The smartphone plays a vital role in the whole digital transformation journey in the shopping industry. People are performing a direct purchase through smartphones and avoiding stepping into traditional locations.

Online shopping and business are now easier and faster because of the internet. It also changes the way of business in the world with dramatic growth. The online business is trending in advanced technology and promotes eCommerce.

People across the globe chose online methods for shopping and purchasing items from well-known brands and eCommerce businesses. You can even buy those specific products that are not available in your home country. With internet support and advanced technology, people don’t need to travel or carry cash with them. For every brand or item, there are various online shops on the internet.

However, buying products or items from eCommerce websites is now quite an easy task. eCommerce plays a crucial role in everyone’s daily life, especially people with an office job and busy lifestyle. The service eCommerce sites offer you is simple and convenient, like secured payment gateways, one-stop-shop, etc. Below are some more beneficial aspects of Ecommerce businesses you must see;


Convenient and easy-to-use websites are the most preferred ones. Where else can you shop at any time wearing your pajamas with a comfortable vibe? There are no shop assistants to wait for help or waiting for lines to pay for the item you purchase. Your shopping will be completed within a few minutes.

Easily Send Gifts:

Sending gifts on special occasions to your friends and relatives is easy, no matter where they live. No need to make an excuse about distance on occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, etc.

Compare Prices:

Research and compare your product, and its cost with other brands are now convenient too. Ecommerce websites have the ability to share reviews and relevant information with you.

No Crowds:

Some people hate crowds, especially when it comes to shopping. Crowds are more likely to be found in shopping malls during festivals or any special event. It may give you a headache, too, because it tends to be pretty chaotic and makes you feel hurried and rush. But now you can avoid all these issues with online shops.

What is Lootie? What makes it unique in the e-Commerce Industry?

Well, mystery box is a new and tremendous online trend. It’s switching up the online shopping experience with Lootie in the forefront. When you purchase a mystery box, you would never know what’s inside it. However, you will know the product category or brand inside it, but not the exact item. It will remain a mystery for you until you unbox it.

Due to this, it’s famous as a mystery box, and this is the main reason for keeping the shopping experience exciting. During the outbreak of COVID-19, people were stuck in boredom and lockdowns. Ecommerce sites like Lootie keep paving ways for an entirely new shopping trend. People feel more excited with Lootie than they had before. Amongst the other brands, Lootie shines as one of the top-rated mystery box sites.

To start shopping at Lootie, you have to register yourself and select the desired brand’s box from the menu. There are several official Lootie boxes; you can try them too. The prices of each box are mentioned with it. Some boxes have ten types of different prices with a variety of products regardless of whether it’s a Supreme box logo or Shoe mystery box. Every time you open a box, you’ll never know what exactly is there. All you know is that there is a guarantee of one prize from the selection menu.

The mystery box is useful for indecisive people; they know what type of product they wish to buy, like Hypebeast shoes, Apple mystery box, etc. But they face difficulty in deciding the exact model number of the product they want. With Lootie, they don’t have to decide anymore. They can get the best product easily and quickly from a single box.

Is Lootie Similar to Other e-Commerce Platforms?

Just like other e-Commerce platforms, Lootie provides a vessel for manufacturers to sell their products and grow sales, but it is not the original distributor. In Lootie, they get products directly from the company or brands through shipment. Some e-Commerce sites face issues indirectly dealing with brands like Alibaba or eBay.

Whenever there’s a third-party merchant, the chances of dishonesty or fraud rises. You may have heard several bad online shopping stories or someone you know receives the wrong or broken item. A platform like Amazon is a trustworthy one; you get the good items directly from the warehouses of Amazon. You may take a risk if you go for a third-party seller on Amazon.

Final Takeaway

The whole idea of Lootie is to deliver a different but unique experience of purchasing items through an e-store. It’s a new fun way of online purchasing and a chance to get premium, rare or coveted items at a much more palatable price point. So, what’s the wait for? Go make your online shopping experience more exciting and adventurous.