Infosys hasn’t cut jobs, but are they hiring? A response from CEO Salil Parekh

CEO Salil Parekh told CNBC-TV18 in an exclusive interview on May 23 that Infosys is not considering rightsizing, downsizing, or any other type of employment cutbacks, as has happened with others in the business as a result of GenAI.

He responded, “No, we are not doing any of that,” when asked if Infosys was firing workers as a result of adopting AI. That’s actually what other people in the field have done. We’ve made it quite evident that’s not the proper strategy.

He clarified that, in his opinion, all technologies will coexist in huge organizations. “We will be serving the largest organizations in the world over the next few years, and we’ll have an increasing number of people joining us who become experts in generative AI.”

According to Parekh, Infosys continues to see growth over time in terms of both client and workforce size.

The statement from the Infosys CEO was made a few days after a former employee LinkedIn post claiming to have been “a victim of silent layoff” ignited a social media debate.

In a widely shared post, Kumar Shubman stated he was fired from the company suddenly without giving him enough time to find another employment or a notice period. He added, “After being told to resign, my whole internal access was taken away within a few hours.” In response to this message, some people advised taking the corporation to court and gave advice, while others questioned its accuracy and thought it was a publicity stunt.

But Infosys hasn’t really responded to the Linkedin post about claims of silent layoffs. It should be mentioned that every company has a strong code of conduct, and violating the regulations might result in termination.

Does Infosys have any openings?

Paresh shared his recruiting predictions for FY25, stating that Infosys uses an agile hiring approach. “Hiring is increasing as the economy strengthens and spending on digital transformation increases. We won’t set an annual hiring goal and will continue to hire people on the basis of the state of the economy.

Infosys declared earlier in October 2023 that it will not be hiring from universities. The company’s former CFO, Nilanjan Roy, stated that Infosys continues to have a sizable fresher bench that is receiving training in artificial intelligence, among other things, and that the number of employees receiving this training is increasing on a quarterly basis. As a result, he said, the organization is not currently seeking to hire people directly from universities.

For the last five quarters, Infosys has seen a net decrease in its workforce. During the fiscal year 2023–2024, the company had a net loss of around 26,000 workers.

However, in April, Jayesh Sanghrajka, the company’s new chief financial officer, stated that over half of the company’s most recent recruits were hired off campus, and the company has not yet determined its goal for hiring on campus for the fiscal year 2025.