Here’s how you can create AI-generated profile photos on WhatsApp

With the ability to create and utilize AI-generated profile photographs on the messaging app, users of WhatsApp and Meta AI chatbot may soon have a higher level of integration. One of the numerous updates that WhatsApp may get in the near future is the new AI feature. According to information from WABetaInfo this week, WhatsApp is testing the AI-generated profile images feature with a small group of Android beta testers.

How AI-Generated Profile Pictures on WhatsApp Function:

Create AI Profile Picture is a new area in WhatsApp’s settings, visible in the beta version of the app that incorporates the new AI-enabled feature. This is when the fun part starts, because you can essentially instruct the AI system to create any type of image by simply describing it.

This AI feature allows you to create an infinite number of profile photo possibilities, which many people may view as a useful approach to use these artificially created images as profile photographs instead of their real ones, hiding their real ones.

“Users will be able to generate unique and tailored photographs that reflect their personality, interests, or mood more accurately than a conventional photo using AI-powered profile photos,” the tipster emphasizes in their message. To be fair, WhatsApp has made it very difficult for users to illegally use and duplicate photographs. After all, neither the iOS nor Android versions of the messaging app allow you to capture a screenshot of their profile pictures, photos in general, or even videos.

WhatsApp’s Complete AI System:

With the introduction of the primary AI chatbot to the main screen, WhatsApp has already received a fair amount of Meta AI. With the use of cues that the majority of AI chatbots can understand and respond to, you may utilize the chatbot to create new recipes, establish diet plans, and even pose random inquiries.