Hustler mentality and passion to achieve financial freedom has made Aurelie-Jung Moron, a successful entrepreneur

Aurelie-Jung Moron has crafted a terrific career after facing many downs in her life and is now an entrepreneur that inspires many.

Many individuals are born hustlers and display the utmost grit to realize their dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. To achieve their objective of becoming an entrepreneur requires innate passion, and unwavering determination, in addition to being ready to adjust to any hurdles, life throws at them. One of them is a dynamic entrepreneur from South Korea who carved out success in multiple careers; she is Aurelie-Jung Moron. Aurelie was born in Seoul, South Korea, and has grown up in Paris, France but is now traveling worldwide always more. She is an accomplished entrepreneur in diverse fields but has had a troublesome journey to the top. At the age of four, her biological parents died, leaving her along with her younger brother, both were adopted afterwards by a French couple. Aurelie thrived in different aspects of her school life with excelling well in theatre, dance, piano, and gymnastics. She gave her best in everything and also learned that even if you don’t win at everything in life, one can still survive; this ability to survive made her choose a happier life and aspired to become an entrepreneur.

Aurelie began her professional career as a classical music agent who booked and promoted international young artists. But a tragic incident in her life made her quit her career, prodding her to travel in her life to find inspiration to kick start a career that makes her financially independent.

With her hustler mentality, she entered the network marketing industry, and with hard work, grit and determination became one of the best networking marketing experts across Europe and the world. She ventured into the cryptocurrency and trading industry and worked with an expert in Crypto and Forex trading and a robust digital banking platform, as a one of their most influential Business Partner.

Aurelie’s success in the financial industry fuelled her motive of becoming an entrepreneur in the industry. This inspired her to launch a vast community of leaders around the globe, called the A.D.N. Million-Ère. She mentors and coaches the community through Zoom and other live events, to help them attain financial well-being. She utilizes her experience as a forex trader and crypto investor and mentors people to help them achieve financial independence.

Aurelie hustled in her life to tackle the hurdles and has become a successful financial educator and energy coach as well. Aurelie-Jung Moron now generates a seven-figure income and her survival instincts have given her the financial freedom in her life and the possibility to become a world globe trotter to enjoy the beauty of the planet and different cultures but also teach her mindset in different conferences and live events.

To get acquainted with Aurelie you can visit her website or Instagram/ @aureliemoron