How to trade Fractional Shares on

Vandera is a pioneer Blockchain-based Fractional Share trading broker that gives its trader quality trading signals and a platform to trade the signals on.

First of all, a user has to sign up to the platform using the link

After signing up, the trader now has to click the deposit link on his dashboard, and type in the amount in USD and complete the deposit by making a BTC transfer to the deposit wallet address and uploading a proof of payment ( screenshot of transfer from a wallet and transaction ID).

Once the deposit is confirmed, to make your first trade, the user has to check the trading signals page and look for a strong buy signal on any stock, once the stock has been identified, User can now proceed to take the trade on HFT markets ( under trade button)  link on his dashboard

E.g if tesla stock is showing strong buy on the signals page, you can find tesla under the HFT markets list, you can then buy tesla stock by clicking trade under the tesla option, if the estimated profit is 5$, you earn 5$ on your 500usd trade after 24hours.

Once your profit is up to 50USD and above you can request a withdrawal to your bitcoin wallet and receive it in one working day.

You can also make more money from the platform by referring friends for a 10% referral bonus on their deposits.

I hope you enjoy trading with Vandera.