How Lukas Tsimopoulos, at 20 years of age, leveraged social media to make $100,000+ per month

Many dream of making money online and enjoying a life of freedom, luxury, and social impact. Lukas Tsimopoulos belongs to the small number of people who managed to follow up on those dreams with work and made that dream a reality. Only 20 years old, Lukas is on track to hit the million-dollar benchmark through his work in e-commerce.

Lukas has always been restless. Originally from Adelaide, Australia, the entrepreneur has always had big dreams and pursued them from a young age. When he was 14, Lukas began selling products on eBay simply because he was bored and wanted to do something productive with his time.

This was the foundation he created that would go on to solidify his winning strategy for a successful business. It paid off well, as Lukas has even topped making $100,000+ in a single month recently. He’s a great believer in consistency and keeping his focus on the goal.

Tsimopoulos, much like many millennials, has always wanted ultimate freedom. This is why all of his businesses are location-independent. Able to pick up and go whenever he pleases, Lukas is excited to travel the world and gain inspiration from his surroundings.

Lukas is someone who has worked very hard and had to reinvent himself multiple times. “Not too long ago, I used to help out at my family’s restaurant. I liked to lend a hand, but it wasn’t really my calling,” he recalls, adding, “When I started working in e-commerce, that’s when things really started to happen for me. I had made multiple six figures in just a few short months. I realised the potential in the online market was endless so I went all in!”

Tsimopoulos is someone who knows how to thrive in any environment and make the best out of a situation. “When COVID hit, everyone just paused and the world was at a standstill. It was certainly very hard for many businesses, but for me and for the world of e-commerce, that was a blessing in disguise,” he explains.

Lukas recently made $100,000 in a single month. He is excited to share his experience with the thousands of Instagram followers that admire him, as he is currently followed by a whopping 70,000 people.

“I believe that anyone could be a millionaire if they put their mind to it. I’ll be living proof of it,” Lukas remarks. His mindset remains steady through ups and downs, and he warns against feeling overwhelmed. “See, when people start out, they just feel like they have to do it all at once. It looks daunting. This is what being overwhelmed feels like, and it can ruin a winning mindset. What people need to do instead is just take things one by one and deal with each thing individually. By maintaining that focus, they will succeed,” he explains.

Lukas is excited about the future. He wants to have a social impact and serve as an inspiration for his friends and followers. Tsimopoulos is working on becoming the best possible version of himself through patience, perseverance, and creativity.

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