Mario Selva is the ultimate online business owner

The Italian entrepreneur Mario Selva knows a thing or two about business. His success did not come overnight, but it sure happened quickly. Selva made his wealth entirely online. He was not afraid to pursue his passion and go all-in on his vision. His story is one of determination and a powerful dream.

“Ever since I was young,” he shares, “I had my very own version of the American dream. I wanted to make it big based on my merit while doing what I love. Finally, it happened to me. I think this is because I never lost that dream, not even when things looked hard.”

Selva graduated from the University of Naples Federico II in 2017, with a degree in Business. “I was always interested in finance but I realized after graduation, that what really got me going was marketing,” he explains.

A mix of sales, psychology, and technology, marketing is where Mario felt right at home. He directed himself toward the behemoth online platform Amazon. “I was helping sellers market their products better and scale their business,” he recalls. Things were not always a breeze, though. Soon after Mario’s business had taken off, Amazon disabled his account seemingly out of nowhere.

“That’s when I knew I had to launch my own business and take matters into my own hands,” he admits, and that’s exactly what he did. Mario poured his heart and soul into e-commerce and social media marketing. It was a success; his first four months generated $180,000, 25% of which was pure profit.

Selva didn’t rest on his laurels for long. He took that amount and invested it right away in his next business. He decided to identify products and brand them in order to sell worldwide. In only 18 months, Mario Selva made a whopping $1,500,000. “It never really was about the cash; I just wanted to work on something that I enjoyed,” he explains. In this case, it paid off big time.

“I’m proud of how far I’ve come thanks to following my passion,” Selva says, adding, “I could never work on something I don’t like. I’ve turned down a number of projects precisely for that reason.”

Another reason why Selva has enjoyed the level of success he has is the fact that he carefully chose his team. He only works with people who are eager to grow in the same way he is, and who like to keep learning as they go. “You are a sum of the people who surround you, so choose wisely,” advises Selva.

Mario is optimistic about the future, with plans to use his marketing expertise to launch multiple products online and brand them as his own. The online space has proved to be a fantastic field of work, and he plans on seeing his efforts through. Selva is somebody who perseveres. He is a creative powerhouse, and the future is looking extremely bright for him.

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