How Becoming a Speaker Would Benefit Your ROI As Told By Award-Winning Speaker Didi Wong

Not everyone values the world of Public Relations. Some say it’s a hoax or a waste of money. Award-winning international keynote speaker Didi Wong would have to respectfully disagree with these people.  

“How do you expect people to pay you to speak if no one knows who you are? So many people are such naysayers towards PR because they say it’s like buying your fame. But every single celebrity you know has a publicist to get them interviews on TV, radio shows, podcasts, and more. PR is everything in business,” says Wong.

Wong is no stranger to PR and marketing. She was a PR Assistant for Vera Wang and PR Director for Pier 59 Solutions before taking the leap into entrepreneurship full time. “I love PR. I have a degree in it. It comes naturally to me. And there’s a way to do it without being fake or just focusing all on being famous. It is a good thing to be yourself and put yourself out there because it creates opportunities for you. Let’s say you’re a singer and you’re not reaching out to others, sending out your demo, or telling them how good you are. How is anyone going to know you? You have to be heard first, and then people will start coming to you,” says Wong.

“If you don’t invest in yourself in PR and marketing, how can you be known or get hired to be a speaker? PR is just a part of being in business. The more people who read about you, the more exposure you get and the more opportunities you create for yourself. Take advantage of these outlets just like every celebrity does,” says Wong.  

“The most important part is investing in yourself,” advises Wong. “I paid over $50K to learn how to be a high-impact speaker, and now I’m an award-winning speaker. To this day, I don’t regret spending so much money on investing in myself,” says Wong.  

“Creating a legacy is very important to me, and my children are my main motivation to create a lasting legacy. To do it, I need to be investing in PR and marketing. If you’re serious about reaching a new level in your business, I suggest you do the same. Create a lasting legacy by transferring gold dust. Or making sure you’re bringing in positive energy to every interaction you have and everything you do,” says Wong.

My ultimate goal is to make others happy, share my positivity and wisdom, and help others live their best lives.