Growth Hormone Benefits: Should You Take HGH Injections to Build Muscles and Lose Weight?

Human growth hormone is essential to help us grow into adulthood. Treatments are available for, both children and adults, who do not release enough HGH.

These growth hormone treatments aim to increase the concentration of growth hormone, especially in bodybuilding. If you are interested in the effects of HGHfor doping, here are the main facts you should consider before taking it.

What is growth hormone?

From a purely scientific point of view, growth hormone, under its scientific namesomatotropin, is a polypeptide substance whose code is attached to the gene in chromosome 17. Synthesized by the brain, it is secreted using other hormones. These hormones are secreted by the hypothalamus and pituitary gland and their levels depend on time of day and activity.

In short, it is a hormone secreted throughout life, but especially during childhood and puberty. This will allow the cells, and therefore the organs and the whole body, to grow. So children with below-average levels of somatotropin suffer from growth retardation.

Also called HGH for human growth hormone, this natural hormone can also see its secretion increase, as it can be stimulated by sleep or food. It is not only responsible for growth, but also for the regeneration of cells, muscle tissue and bones in the body. Basically, during childhood, and especially during puberty, after the age of 20, it will fall gradually.

Why increase growth hormone levels?

This naturally produced hormone, essential for the body, will be responsible for growth from childhood to adolescence, to allow an adult to reach his final size. But its level, which can be more or less important, determines the size of each person. In adulthood, its secretion decreases, but remains an ally of the muscular system and is essential for the elimination of fat.

Some people who reach adulthood, especially those who do bodybuilding, want to “restructure” their body by including hormonal substitutes in their diet to get the most sought after HGH Benefits. You should know that you cannot buy them without a doctor’s prescription. But there are also foods rich in growth hormone… …we’ll get to that later.

Besides muscle growth, there are many reasons why some people increase their growth hormone levels. HGH ensures hair growth and slows down the aging process, giving the skin more elasticity. It is also a good partner to increase libido, to increase endurance through better resistance to exercise. It is also attributed a quality that lowers blood pressure and can “increase” brain activity. In short, this is a magic hormone!

Growth hormone for weight loss

In fact, known for its power to eliminate fatHGH is used by many people who want to lose fat easily.  In particular, growth hormone promotes fat burning, allowing your metabolism to tap into fat reserves to produce more energy.

You will be able to lose more fat with less effort. In addition, growth hormone will nourish your muscles better and limit the loss of muscle mass.

Growth hormone and muscle building

Athletes use growth hormone to stimulate their abilities. In other words, it is a doping technique for those who want to improve their physical performance.

Numerous scientific studies have linked growth hormone to muscle anabolism. In fact, HGH is the engine of metabolism and has a great influence on protein synthesis. This protein synthesis will allow muscles to rebuild even more easily after physical activity. It will become bigger, stronger and more powerful. It is for these reasons that some muscle-building enthusiasts introduce this hormone into their regimen.

However, while some people increase their growth hormone levels through diet, others use a much more controversial method. Somatotropin injections can only be used legally with a prescription. HGH injections such as Norditropin are considered doping substances and aretested for before and after professional sporting events.

The use of steroids to increase growth hormone concentrations

There are two schools: those that increase growth hormone levels through diet and sleep, and others that choose an easy way out by using HGH injections.

Although no one can question the anabolic effect of growth hormone on muscles and its fat burning effect, you should be aware of the different risks associated with taking HGH as an injection.

HGH Side Effects

Some are mild, such as joints swelling, excessive sweating or recurring migraines.

Others are much more severe and sometimes irreversible, such as thickening of the bones in the jaws and fingers, carpal tunnel, HGH belly, pressure on the nerves, resistance to insulin and faster development of cancers.

Finally taking HGH injections should be considered only as a last resort mostly because of the high cost and the possible side effects. Still HGH injections are relatively safe when taken correctly and under the supervision of a well versed endocrinologist.