Global entrepreneur Adem Dere stuns people with the opulent lifestyle he creates for himself

He also spills beans on his daily life and his passion for mentorship, leadership, and the law of attraction.

So many exceptionally talented professionals, experts, business owners and leaders have made consistent headlines worldwide for the incredible work they have done in their respective industries. Out of these, how many of them have gone ahead in truly leaving a positive impact on others through their work or what they have offered people? A handful of them have done that and have showcased their A-game in all that they have chosen to lay their hands on. Global entrepreneur Adem Dere, aka TJ, from Iran, as a youngster, could register his name among these rare gems in the business world.

The 1992-born is a self-made success story, a top marketing manager and expert and now also a stock trader, investor and author, who always knew he was born to make a positive impact on people through his work and so focused all his energies toward the same. He attained a degree in Mechanical Engineering, but his heart was stuck in the business world. 

Spilling more beans on his daily life, he says he lives a pretty simple lifestyle. After waking up, he meditates and has his coffee while managing his timetable for the day for meetings. He heads to work and does what he loves, growing and reaching out to new ways and methods to do marketing and give value to companies. He loves socializing, and so he meets new people almost every day, emphasizing “your network is your net worth.”

He confesses that he loved marketing and leadership as subjects and was pretty good at them. This helped him lead teams to reach their highest potential and achieve their desired goals. His expertise in marketing and leadership helped him become a sought-after mentor and coach for hundreds of people worldwide. Today, he leads teams to success by optimizing his unique approach to mentorship and personal development.

The outstanding lifestyle he has created for himself, which is quite evident on Instagram (@tj.10xx), has inspired the youth especially, who are now pumped up to be more and do more and follow in his footsteps.