“The Nose Nurse,” Ilana Mechoullam, sets out to give you an incredible aesthetic transformation through Peace Love Med Aesthetic Rejuvenation

With clients flying in from all over the world, her cutting-edge med spa thrives on non-surgical nose jobs, also known as liquid rhinoplasty, and other incredible facial balancing procedures.

Having the right vision for achieving specific goals is one thing, but having the right courage—making bold choices, walking on less traveled roads, questioning norms set by others, and overcoming challenges—to turn those visions into reality is a different game altogether. People who belong to the latter category are those who surrender to their dreams and fight tirelessly to carve their legacy. For this, they make every possible effort; working on new business strategies, developing bold concepts all while resiliently moving ahead. No one serves as a better example here than Ilana Brit Mechoullam RN, AGNP, who and industry trend leader in injectable cosmetics and aesthetic rejuvenation.

Ilana Mechoullam, aka “The Nose Nurse,” highlights how people from all walks of life have known for years about the powerful impact of aesthetics and are in constant search for providers and procedures that can give them their desired features to make them look and feel good.  However, not many are aware of long recoveries, out-of-reach costs and risks. People specifically desiring a suitably shaped nose depend on rhinoplasty, or plastic surgery for the nose. Ilana Mechoullam provides a fast and highly effective alternative way for many patient’s cosmetic desires in the form of liquid rhinoplasty, which is a non-surgical nose job.

She is the founder of Peace Love Med Aesthetic Rejuvenation (https://peacelovemed.com/), a trend setting med spa in East Boca Raton, South Florida, and

“I feel proud and happy when I see many of my clients opting to have additional rejuvenating treatments once exposed to the life-changing feeling they get from knowing they can correct, enhance, highlight, and change different aspects of their appearance in a judgement free, safe, and ethical med spa environment,” she shares.

Recognized as one of the “Top 100 Best Aesthetic Injectors in America,” an annual award determined by peer nominations and real patient votes, Ilana Mechoullam (@thenosenurse) will continue to innovate and perfect her skillset to give clients even better results.