GerkOne on the rise!

The successful launch of GerkOne’s new single “Seeing Me” was just another sign of greatness to come. This Canadian rapper made his comeback mid 2020 after stepping away from the music industry for over 10 years. He’s back now with a vengeance with no signs of slowing down, GerkOne has been consistent with his content from the moment he stepped back into the scene. Three music videos and a visualizer featuring the New York legend Jadakiss lead to the release of the debut album “Pardon My Attitude” This was the first solo project GerkOne has ever tackled but not the last, The follow up album “Pardon My Atti2ude” is set to release later this year. Between the available singles and the snippets teased on Instagram fans are eager to hear what’s next from this up and coming Canadian superstar.

IG: Gerkone