Finding The Right Florist For You

Finding the right florist for your needs, whether for your wedding or even as a congratulations gift, can be intimidating, especially if there are many local options. Firstly, the florist should share your vision of your wedding, meaning you can rest assured that the flowers will be perfect for the day. The florist should also be easy to communicate with and willing to assist in choosing the perfect flowers to suit both the budget and wedding day plans.

Regardless of how simple or complex the arrangement will be, it is essential to plan ahead. For example, some couples may simply arrange for flowers to be delivered on the day of the wedding. However, it is still key to place orders in advance and confirm with time to spare before the special day. It is important that the couple know what they want exactly, whether it be only one bouquet, or centrepieces, room decorations and corsages. As previously discussed, when planning ahead it is also crucial to keep the colour scheme and theme in mind at all times, explaining this to your florist is essential, if they cannot understand the importance and deliver on time then they’re not the florist for you.

When choosing flowers and floral decorations, it is important to keep the colour scheme and theme in mind. Wedding flowers should suit both the room décor and theme, for example, wildflowers and greenery may be matched with countryside weddings. To ensure the flowers are suitable, it can be a good idea to provide the florist with colour swatches and photos of the venue and décor to allow the florist to offer ideas and suggestions. Also the florist is the professional after all and they will have done thousands of floral arrangements for thousands of weddings, letting the florist work some of their magic could even sway you to change your mind or open you up to different colours or flowers.

Before choosing a florist and locking that part of your big day down, it might be a good idea to look around florists within your local area, often times they may have a shop with arrangements for you to look around or you might email or call asking for some examples of their work, perhaps photos of their flowers from someone else’s wedding day and make sure its good, make sure it works and you’ll be able to tell if the florist has delivered well for each of their clients. 

Another point to make is that word of mouth can be key in these situations, if you know someone that has recently had a wedding or even just a celebration of some sort, talk to them, see what florist they chose, ask their opinions of the florist, were they easy to work with? Did they deliver everything you expected? The best way to find out about a florist would be to ask someone that has used them and see if they recommend them or not.