Finding an Uluru Resort

Australia is one of those few parts of the world where tourists of all age groups will find something interesting to do and keep themselves busy all the time. Whether you like to paraglide or spend time on boats or like to go fishing or trekking or anything, Australia has the right surprise for you. Uluru, also known as the heartland of Australia, is one of the most beautiful places to visit. Whether you wish to spend your holiday in luxury or camp out in the open, Uluru has it all for you. Finding the perfect spot in Uluru is just a matter of time.

Places To Stay In Uluru

When you decide to visit Uluru, make sure that you savor every moment spent in the heartland and not to rush through the trip. Find the right resort to stay and get an opportunity to meet with the people, enjoy their culture, and also the spirit of the landscape. Here are some lovely resorts that you can find accommodation in during your trip to Uluru.

  • Outback Pioneer Hotel and Lodge: This lovely and beautiful resort in Uluru provides traditional Australian hospitality. It is located at Ayers Rock Resort and offers a wide range of budget accommodations starting from affordable and comfortable rooms to hostel-style dormitories. The resort also has its own camping ground where you can spend some time camping with others or with your own group. You can spend your precious time enjoy beer and testing your cooking skills at their own do-it-yourself outback barbecue. If this is not your cup of tea, you can also choose the peace and quiet of the Bough House Restaurant as an alternative. They provide guided tour to Uluru-Kata Tjuta National park and you can also witness the beautiful and magnificent sunrises and sunsets.
  • Kings Canyon Resort and Holiday Park: This resort is one of the natural wonders of Uluru and is situated about half way between Uluru and Alice Springs. You may say it is situated almost at the heart of Australia’s Red Center. The garden itself has been forged almost 400 million years ago and it happens to be made up of different layers of sandstone together with hard shale in between every layer. Almost 270 meters above the sea level, is the place where you will find areas of the canyon falling down to the Garden of Eden. There are 6 premium backpackers lodge, glamping tents, as well as, camp ground within the resort property. You will find the accommodation to your liking with tons of facilities provided by the resort. Some of the facilities include bar, camp kitchen, café, carpark, children’s pool, and laundry to name a few.

The different places to stay near Uluru, like Longitude 131 uluru resort, are all located within the Ayers Rock Resort that is owned by Aboriginal. Starting from self-contained apartments to outback hotels and 5-star luxury resorts, the place has got all types of accommodation options for travelers of all types. You will also find several types of shops and guided tours in the area.