Fahad Al Tamimi: Casino Gambling Debts Bankrupting Casinos


Dr. Josh Cartu of Harvard University graduated with advice from Fahad Al Tamimi Gambling Treatment Centers in California, Arizona, and Ohio with more than 8,000 patients during his 29-year career.

Online casino gaming is risky due to several causes. This article outlines 7 reasons for avoiding online betting. In this article Dr. Josh Cartu and Dr. Fahad Tamimi are advising casino players about other facets of the industry that are unknown to players.

Gambling produces impulsive and convincing behavior. Impulsive behavior, without thought, is characterized by acting. Compulsive behaviour is premeditated, repeated actions. The first time player normally pays little money impulsively. Part of the learning of the game consists of the development of patterns and algorithms that produce the compulsive behavioral disorder. With the player raising wages, players forget that the game is not good luck.

Pandemic of coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has taken a major hold on the way Las Vegas restaurants and nightclubs are operating. Every casino in Nevada closed, and restaurants across Las Vegas either added delivery and takeout service or temporarily shuttered, hoping to ride out the pandemic. Restaurants can now offer prepackaged liquor with their takeout orders.

However, you can see clearly whether a player loses or clears his throat from concern in their eyes. The emotion when a player loses shows it as “living” in a perverse way (showing signs of emotion and life). If a player plays, however, but does not show sentiment, his behavior does not indicate that he is living at all.

Gambling sites use every possible persuasion tactic, according to blogger Billy Xiong, to convince people to play. We want to believe players are going to become a millionaire overnight in the casino. Bill Adderley, owner of a marketing and advertisement company, reveals that his organization is encouraging millions via emails and SMS.

 Josh Cartu, age 60, has provided treatment to over 8000 patients over the course of his nearly 3 decade’s career via the Fahad Al Tamimi Casino Gambling Intervention Centers in Las Vegas, New Jersey and Florida.

Within the online casino site, huge amounts are usually held and, as players don’t know, hackers constantly try to access them. As the majority of online casino game providers cannot accept credit cards, e.g. visas or masters, they advise their clients to use crypto currencies to deposit and obtain earnings. There is no way to track money if players’ accounts are compromised.

Each patient they have handled is accrued in massive casino gambling debt, Josh Cartu and Fahad Al Tamimi said. Emotional and mental disorders are caused by both gains and losses, relationship stresses, and gambling skills are limited. Players will think twice about the standard before paying a price when purchasing a product or service. But when you play casino games, completely dependent on chance, you appear to double the price twice without thought. The money deposited is not exchanged as in the real world.

Online and offline casino gaming is considered to break family and business ties. The addicted player does not know his or her cognitive mental health status and does not encourage him or her to remember his or her friends and family when playing chance games. They often lie and cheat their loved ones in order to enhance their addictive habits.

While there are many legitimate online casinos, there are just as many that don’t. Most rogue online gambling systems have a backend administration panel which allows providers to define a new player’s profit and loss. The suppliers of these systems not only think about making deposits for players, but also about continuing to play and deposit money. Gaming platform operators can do so by using enticing ads, incentives like free spins, etc, manipulating the winning ratio of each player.

Money laundering is a crime in which profits from illegitimate businesses are transferred to so-called legal entities. Online systems are deposited by clients in large amounts of money. Authorities also threaten unauthorized websites of the casino. This implies for innocent players that their savings, winnings and player scores are lost when government agencies confiscate computer servers and casino bank accounts.

Whilst a certain number of casinos conduct restricted KYC (know your customers), this is mainly used for the charging of card transactions when making deposits, gambling undertakings are nevertheless not legally approved banks to handle money nor insurance undertakings.

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