Dr. Martin Schwarz Changes the Way to Treat Dental Plaque and Prevent from Tartar Build-Up

Dr. Martin Schwarz had developed a new, revolutionary dental cosmetic called Bioscaling gel, that is meant to tackle plaque and common dental problems – Daily Herald reports. 

What is a dental plaque, and why is it dangerous

Dental plaque is described as a thin, biofilm or a mass of bacteria that inhabit the surface of the teeth and grow constantly. The tooth plaque develops on day to day basis and it is colorless, however, when left untreated – may harden and transform into yellowish dental calculus. Unaesthetic tartar build-up might be removed by professional teeth cleaning called scaling, performed by specialists in dental clinics. Products rich in sugar such as candies, soft drinks or even fruits are believed to accelerate dental plaque formation. It happens due to the fact, that the presence of sugar in our mouth allows undesired bacteria to develop and produce acids, that over a period of time negatively affects tooth enamel and lead to tooth decay. Dental plaque is also linked to other dental problems including gum disease, gingivitis, and even tooth loss. 

Facts and statistics 

According to FDI World Dental Federation, 3.9 billion individuals worldwide struggle with dental problems, and almost half of the world’s population (44%) experiencing untreated tooth decay. The same source of information reports that up to 20% of the middle-aged population (described as 35-44 years old) are affected by severe periodontal disease, that may lead to tooth loss. FDI claims that also 30% of 65-74 years old adults worldwide have no natural teeth, and estimations expect this problem to increase. The report suggests, that the risk factors for oral disease are linked to an unhealthy diet – rich in sugar, tobacco use, alcohol consumption, and poor oral hygiene. 

The new way of coping with dental problems

A recent announcement about Dr. Martin Schwarz brand and its revolutionary dental product Bioscaling – brought dealing with dental problems – to the new light. According to Daily Herald, the novelty of Bioscaling gel is linked to its antiseptic properties and applicability on the teeth by the user independently at home. Possibility to remove the dental plaque without the help of the dentist may lead – in the opinion of  Dr. Matthias Berg from Dr. Martin Schwarz R&D team – to higher the level of oral hygiene. 

Source: Dr. Martin Schwarz

Bioscaling dental gel was developed by Dr. Martin Schwarz and its claimed to remove dental plaque & prevent from dental calculus formation. The product manufacturer describes Bioscaling as an antibacterial gel for teeth, that can eliminate dental plaque, reduce the risk of periodontal disease and improve the effectiveness of other dental products such as toothpaste, teeth desensitizers or teeth whiteners. More information about Bioscaling features is available here.