Dr. Ahmed El Muntasar: One of the industry’s leading experts talks about tear through fillers. Is this going to be 2020’s biggest trends?


Dr. Ahmed El Muntasar has been quite enthusiastic about tear-through fillers lately. He strongly believes that this is going to be one of the leading trends this coming year. His words have been almost prophetic because we are actually experiencing a huge spike of interest concerning the topic of tear-through fillers. This approach to rejuvenating the eyes has often been overlooked (no pun intended!) – but it is finally starting to pick up.

Even celebrities have been drawn to this procedure, because it is immediately effective, and it requires absolutely no downtime whatsoever. In fact, Dr. Ahmed El Muntasar himself actually worked with many celebrities, influencers, and V.I.P., including iconic customers of his such as Harley Brash, Joanna Kutcha, as well as Maja Malnar. Like many other celebrities and anybody who values beauty and youthfulness, these people
are over the moon about their recent treatment.

Dr. Ahmed uses the latest technology and he is particularly well-liked by his customers due to his empathy and care, as well as his ability to truly set the bar higher and provide nothing but the very best in terms of excellence, quality, and professionalism. Today, Dr. Ahmed stands out as one of the world’s leading experts in terms of tear-through fillers, and many other procedures.

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