Donna Kelce Assists A Small Business In Repaying A Debt Related To lunch At A local School

Written by Peyton Headlee

Annie Stowe’s boutique, Annie’s Barn, reflects her passion for Kansas City. Her speciality is products with catchy slogans and recognisable images.

“We just got these in today, and they’ll be gone by tomorrow morning,” Stowe said. “I love this city.”

Her goods are popular, particularly when the Chiefs are in town. To the extent that Donna Kelce contacted to place an order.

“She wanted this mug. She thought this was hysterical,” Stowe said. “She ordered 20-some of them to give out as gifts.”

The mug says on it, “It’s Mama Kelce’s world and we’re all just living in it.”

Following a few exchanges of messages, Stowe gave her the finger.

“I got brave enough to just write and say, Hey, would you want to collaborate on doing your cookie recipe on a mug and we’ll donate $5 from every mug sold to pay off school lunches? She wrote back right away and said yes,” Stowe said.

Stowe sold enough mugs in two weeks to cover the cost of lunch debt at other schools by almost two thousand dollars. She refers to it as “Out of the Red Friday,” and she has done it previously.

She raised over $4,000 to pay off her school lunch bill around this time last year by selling yard signs with Chiefs themes.

“That was a super cool experience because it was the first time we tried anything like that,” she said. “I was overwhelmed with last year with the response. It was a very cool and really neat experience to go out to Olathe and give them their check.”

She is bringing cheques to two Olathe schools and Pawnee Elementary this year.