Description of the guitar instrument by Kavian Lazar


The guitar can be considered one of the most popular instruments in the world of music, which has played a good role in all styles and cultures throughout history. Perhaps this warm voice, which has been heard all over the green planet from the past and has traveled from the hands of the gods and myths of the past to the rock stars of the modern era, is a reason for not knowing the exact history of this popular voice.

We have mentioned here some histories that have an accurate scientific source and its accuracy is more plausible. You choose whether your guitar comes from the land of olives and mythology, or is a gift from Mesopotamian and Oriental culture, or closer to it, an instrument that can be called compatriot.

Lear can be considered one of the oldest instruments in history and in fact one of the first tools that humans have used to produce rhythmic sound. Lear’s origins go back to Greece, which consisted of a set of strings of equal length. The lyre itself was divided into two types, the lyre and the guitar. Some consider the origin of the guitar to be the Greek guitar. An instrument that was taken from Greece to Rome and exported by the Romans who loved poetry to all over the world.

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