Darnel Thompson aka Fit Flash: New rise in the Field of Heavyweight Calisthenics


When we think about Fitness and training, Calisthenics comes in our mind. As it is the most suggested way to go as its completely natural. Today we are going to talk about one of the most emerging heavyweight calisthenics athletes of current time Fit Flash.

Fit flash is the strongest heavyweight calisthenics athlete. He comes from Southern California.

Fit Flash is considered as one of the best calisthenics practitioners of the current generation at 109 Kg bodyweight and 197 cm height.

Now he is helping the young generation through his extensive training videos. His video would satisfy any fitness nerd. Through his training programs and personal mentorship, he has already impacted more than 1000’s of lives to date. He has a massive following on his Instagram 

He has detailed knowledge and experience in training and conditioning the body. He is precise in specific training forms that include bodybuilding, Basketball, Football, MMA, and Boxing. 

Passionate people do not shout about their passion; they just work on it. Fit flash had been following his passion since his college day.

By being extremely hard work and having such a deep knowledge of the field, He had not only grasped the field of calisthenics but also he is now impacting and mentoring 1000’s of lives at a time.

Remember we are all ordinary people capable of extraordinary things. Nothing worth having comes easy. Fit flash https://instagram.com/fit_flash had done hard work for years to be the best what he does.

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