Dalip Celbeqiri Shares Some Tips For Social Video Strategy in 2020

Dalip Celbeqiri is the founder and CEO of DIY Simple, a video content digital agency that partners with clients to increase their engagement and connections

We asked Dalip, to tell us 2 tricks on how to get great results, with video campaigns

Produce engaging video content

As we all know content is king. Whether it’s on your own website or on social media, it’s your content that will engage your followers. You may be able to attract a large crowd for yourself by using social media marketing, but only strong content will make them inclined to keep following you.  In the 21st century, there is too much content on social media, and attention spans are decreasing. In order to stand out from the crowd, your content must be unique and interesting. People want to see and read interesting stories, or things that benefit them. If you are unable to provide that, people will just divert their attention to others who are able to provide them what they want.  The goal is not to simply put content in front of people and hope they respond to it, but rather to encourage them to share and engage with it. Content — whether it’s an article on an outlet or a video on social media — opens the door for two-way communication, which is crucial for building trust and letting customers know that you appreciate their business.  Therefore, it’s essential to make your content interesting and easy to read. This will have a huge impact on your business in the long run.

Don’t ignore your competitors

In 2019, videos had the highest engagement rate out of all types of content on social media and that’s most likely to happen in 2020 aswell. That’s the case on all social media, not just YouTube and Facebook. If you want to increase your following then try to upload engaging videos on your social media pages. The videos can be in various forms like crafts (my niche) , vlogs, interviews, webinars, presentations, tutorials, product reviews, testimonials or animations.The best strategy for video marketing is to start with competitor analysis. Research your competitors, see what type of video content they are producing, and find out what type of videos are getting the most engagement. This will help you craft the best videos, and will save you money that would have been wasted on creating videos that aren’t that engaging. It was a pleasure discussing content virality with one of the top experts in this industry.

Dalip Celbeqiri can be reached on Facebook and Instagram