D.Beezy Chasing Billboard Charts with His New EP “Distance”

American Rapper and Recording Artist D.Beezy is making a strong push for the Billboard Charts with the upcoming release of his studio EP “Distance”

With the release of D.Beezys studio EP “Distance” set to release in the next few months, He talks about how he really wants to chart on The Billboard Top 25 Heat Seekers chart. We got the opportunity to speak with D.Beezy about the upcoming EP set to debut in April.

We asked him about the name of the EP “Distance” and why he chose that. He explained “Distance is referring to my goals, dreams, and aspirations. Everything I have been working for is just off in the distance and that’s what the EP is based around. As an artist chasing something that I have been working my whole adult life towards. This EP is special to me and has a lot of meaning and I hope I can convey the feelings and message through it.”

We asked D.Beezy if he knew exactly what had to happen for his EP or a single to chart on Billboard and He said he did. He told us that he has spent hours digging and researching getting as much info as he could that could help him a long way of reaching the charts.

We found this information on OliTunes:
“Sometimes it takes less than 1000 albums in one week to make a Billboard Chart, even 450 sales could make it to #200. Surprisingly enough, many unsigned artists have hit the Billboard Charts this way.

Sales up to the release date of your CD count towards your 1st-week sales that’s why pre-orders of your album are so important, your sales prior to the actual release date of the album count as first-week sales.

On Billboard, the charts reflect weekly sales and streams on a Friday-to-Thursday cycle. However, the mixed data charts, such as the Billboard Hot 100, use a radio airplay cycle of Monday to Sunday. Charts are refreshed every Tuesday on billboard.com and billboard.biz and the issue date is four days later on Saturday.” That may seem like a task for the most independent artist but D.Beezy has built up quite the buzz after taking his 8-month break. He has come back stronger and harder than ever before. D.Beezy seems super focused and is doing everything the right way. He knows he has his work cut out for him but he says “I know in my heart I got this! Even if it doesn’t happen with the “Distance” EP, I know if I stay consistent with my work, it will happen for me.”

His debut EP is set to release in April 2020. To keep up with updates and more, follow D.Beezy on social media. His official social media is as listed below.

Twitter: VFLBeezy
Instagram: VFLBeezy