Citatrade Wallet lets you earn interest with deeper DeFi integration


Citatrade’s  mobile wallet app and website ( puts you in control of your crypto assets. The app already lets you access the POS Market and Arbitrage trading bots on its citex platform.

But Citatrade is taking online investing to another level, with deep integrations with some of the most popular DeFi projects.

DeFi means “decentralized finance,” and it has been a hot trend in the cryptocurrency space. DeFi projects try to reproduce traditional financial products in the blockchain. For instance, you can lend and borrow money, invest in derivative assets and more.

A popular category of DeFi projects has been Investment protocols such as CITEX and POS. Those protocols work pretty muck like a fixed deposit, but on the blockchain. Users invest money in the CITEX Market to earn daily interest to their wallet, which they can withdraw or reinvest.

With today’s update, you can contribute to CITEX Pools much more easily. Citatrade Wallet lets you pick a pool of your choice, compare interest rates across multiple markets, invest in your favoured choice and view your balances in a unified dashboard.

The CEO of Citatrade – Mikhail Antonov has announced more exciting offers are underway as the company expands its client base across the globe.

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