Charitable Giving Helps Connect Tamko to Community


Charitable giving is a great way for individuals and organizations alike to connect to their communities and be a force for good in the world. Looking at companies that engage in extensive philanthropy can not only provide a role model for others but can also help to illustrate the significant change that can come about from such acts. In order to provide an example of this type of giving, we looked to the case of Tamko, a roofing supply company with a firm commitment to aiding its community. Here we see how the company’s efforts have helped to impact those in need.

Company profile

Part of the drive for charitable efforts by Tamko originates in its background as a family-owned company. Originally founded by E.L. Craig in 1944, the company has since undergone multiple leadership changes amongst members of his family. These changes include leadership by his wife, Mary Ethel Craig, his daughter, Ethelmae Craig Humphreys, and his grandson, David C.Humphreys. This strong tie to the family has not only helped guide the company through its 75years of existence, but it has also helped to instill a strong commitment to ethically-sound actions.

While the above commitment has naturally led to the company’s charitable efforts, it has also helped it achieve the growth and success that have helped make it a leader in its industry. Beginning with asphalt shingles in 1945, the company’s offerings have expanded in numerous ways over the years to keep pace with customer demands. This has allowed the company to expand from its headquarters in Joplin, Missouri to establish locations across the country. Multiple offerings now include cement and coatings, asphalt and steel shingles, and waterproofing supplies.

Community efforts

Education is a central focus of the company’s efforts to give back to its community. This work has come in the form of the company’s sponsorship of local scholastic activities including the school Fire Safety program, the Joplin High School Constitution team, and the Joplin GlobeSpelling Bee. In addition, the company has a long and proud involvement with the Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School. The school was opened by the company’s CEO and president, along with his wife Debra, to help provide access to quality education for Joplin residents.

The company also engages in charitable efforts to support those in need in its community. In the past, this has been seen through the company’s support of disaster relief, such as its donation of $1,000,000 to the Greater Ozarks Chapter of the American Red Cross in the wake of a devastating 2011 EF-5 tornado which hit Joplin. The company also works with the Ronald McDonald House Charities by annually sponsoring its Big Red Shoe Run. Proceeds from the run go to benefit the House and families who stay there due to financial necessity.

By giving back to their communities, companies can be a powerful force for good and positive change in the world. The contributions by Tamko to its community, fueled in part by its high standard for ethical decision making, have helped numerous local residents achieve a higher quality of life. The company’s example shows just one instance of the power of charitable giving to positively affect the common good.

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