C.KHiD’s New Song, ‘Las Vegas,’ is the Ultimate Sin City Experience


The newest hip hop hit, ‘Las Vegas,” coming from rapper C.KHiD has been given a title in honor of the city that inspired it. This new theme song for any aspiring casino aficionado was added recently to C.KHiD’s last released album, abKw2P. In the last few days of 2018, the original rap project was taken down without notice, with an updated version being uploaded after a few weeks. The artist has so far said nothing regarding the new tracks, either on his social media or official site, ckhid.com.

With a little detective work this author found that one of the new single’s hooks was used multiple times on some of the rapper’s vlog episodes, dating all the way back to 2017. The roughly four minute long song was incorporated into the intro multiple times for the C.KHiD “LivingLifeEasy” series. This series used to consist of over one hundred episodes, before it was abruptly removed from YouTube sometime last year. This connection between old and new material would suggest that the artist has been tinkering with his new sound for sometime, and has been anything but inactive during his hiatus. 

The single’s upload date might suggest that C.KHiD originally published his new song in November. However, with no roll out or promotion of the track, it’s difficult to gauge exactly why the track was added. It is just bonus material, or was it always meant to be part of the album? You can hardly call a track a single when it was just added unceremoniously to an album, yet this could suggest that the rapper has big plans for what is undoubtedly a banger waiting to be discovered. As is, you can find the track on Spotify, if you’re curious. 

The song brings with it some credentials that show that is also above the typical fare of independent artists. With engineering provided  by Carlos Paez, AKA “Dresmore,” and featured production by powerhouse producer, Dopant Beats, it is obvious that the rapper wants this track to generate him some clout. It has more than just the possible secret marketing campaign and story behind the song to do so, too – it has the quality.

The song starts out with a mysterious announcer hyping up whoever’s listening. “Ladies and gentlemen, hide your wives, hide your kids, hide your daughter, hide your cousins, hide your nieces, hide that b-tch crossing the street.. Because he will get them.” You laugh, you’re energized, the track’s volume is slowly increasing – essentially, it feels like the beginning of something big. Then the announcer finishes, and the man himself, C.KHiD, enters into what feels like a metaphysical boxing ring with a Rick Flair-style warrior cry. “Wooooh!” and bam, we got ourselves a new song.

“I’m poppin’ tags out in Las Vegas, taking selfies that make boyfriends haters / I’m poppin’ tags out in Las Vegas / Buy what I want like I think I’m Mayweather.”

After the hook, and another “Wooooo,” C.KHiD comes in with a rapid-fire flow. He embodies the Las Vegas experience, ballin’ and dripping with the confidence required to be a high-status casino veteran. The “Yeah Yeah” artist outlines the swagger of going out, the fresh-off-the-line happenings in Sin City, and how much more popular you’re going to be with the ladies when you’re as successful at the tables as C.KHiD is. 

We won’t spoil anymore of the song, but it should be clear to you by now that this is no feeble “bonus track” that’s really just a B-side. This is fresh material that is current and now. If you haven’t already checked it out, then what’re you doing?  And if you were already a fan, then add this to the playlist you already have ‘Infinite’ repeatedly playing on.

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