Brian Condenanza shares 4 insights to help budding entrepreneurs succeed

It’s vital to learn from our own mistakes. But it’s even wiser to learn from other people’s. There are plenty of examples showcasing how small-time entrepreneurs with no experience or entrepreneurial background have risen through the ranks, leading all the way to becoming a Fortune 500 company, too, in some cases. Here, an entrepreneur and investor – Brian Condenanza, shares some experiences and sheds light on key insights and lessons learned during the years as products of the fiddly, yet rewarding, world of business so as to help other budding entrepreneurs succeed.

1. Be a problem-solver

As someone who leaped into the world of entrepreneurship to offer a service that was missing in the market, Condenanza is of the firm opinion that more than having an exceptional product or service to launch ourselves, the focus should be on solving a problem that nobody else has been looking into. He suggests talking to people and finding out what they are looking for and then evaluating whether or not their needs are being addressed.

2. Get started, somewhere, right now!

Being a part of the entrepreneurial world, Condenanza, from his experience, shares, how a lot of entrepreneurs, especially younger aspirants, get bogged down in details, so they never really end up beginning their journey. He recommends, “Rather than waiting for the right time, it’s wiser to step into the market sooner and learn whilst being on the job. It’s unlikely to have everything ready when you establish it. You just need to jump in.”

3. Leverage social media to market

The 21-year-old entrepreneur has had a lot of success attained with marketing on social media. He believes it’s a space that’s not only free to use but also a world where our customers and target audiences hang out and spend their valuable time. “There’s no reason why one wouldn’t or shouldn’t work hard on growing their social media presence, especially when it’s so easy to use,” adds Condenanza.

4. Talk to fellow entrepreneurs

No single individual is an island, and that particularly applies to entrepreneurs. The young entrepreneur cum investor strongly believes that entrepreneurs must regularly meet others from the same community with a similar kind of mindset. He further adds, “A lot of people from your everyday life, be it friends or family, may or may not believe in your vision always. Here’s where the influence of other dreamers as you come to help; to gain confidence, attain clarity, and importantly, succeed.”

Becoming an entrepreneur is challenging, but Condenanza affirms, it’s one of the most rewarding jobs. With the right guidance, help, and dedication, any budding entrepreneur can make his or her entrepreneurial dream come to life.