Breath-taking Sangeet Concert by Chirag Desai at The White Palace, Dhamdachha

White palace witness a Chirag Desai’s Sangeet event for Kashaypee and Priyansh

The event did take place at the historical and cultural White palace Dhamdachha on February 23.

Influential and renowned artists from M.R Night were present, including Neeraj Pathak, Priyanka Basu, Pari Verma, Sen Shaikh, and Very popular Chirag Desai. 

Kaushik Parekh and the team were outstanding in Orchestra.

Jai dev Talavia and the team had managed the sound systems.

Ashish Patel and Team had managed the lighting of the event.

Kashyapi And Priyansh

Chirag Desai was terrific with his performance in late Mohammad Rafi’s song. Few viral songs perform by Mr. Chirag Desai are 

  • Gulabi ankhe jo teri dekhi
  • An evening in White palace
  • Ek na ek din ye kahani banegi

Over 1500 guests invited from Gujrat. The event started at 9 pm and ended at midnight. It was one of the best performances of Chirag Desai.

Chirag Desai said,” I delighted to perform at the white palace as all my neighbourhood personalities were present there, and I had my family sitting in front of me, I enjoyed every moment of the evening, I like to say thanks to Ketan Bhai Vashi for this beautiful event and wish to Congratulate Kashaypee and Priyansh for their wedding.”