Best to watch on Netflix- Money Heist: korea


1: Money Heist: Korea

The just-released Money Heist Korea — Joint Economic Area — as a remake of the original than it is a “reimagining,” however. A remake, for example, would imply that the main difference here is simply the language, with pretty much everything else largely the same.

Instead, the crux of the story here is completely different. This time, the series imagines a unified Korean peninsula in an imaginary future. Naturally, there would have to be a unified currency for such a new and expanded Korea, right? Voila: The need to print new money, which becomes a juicy target for our thieves.

Speaking of the thieves, they do once again don bright red jumpsuits and white face masks. There’s also still a brilliant “Professor” behind it all. And the thieves take the names of cities as aliases, just like they did in the original Money Heist.

Money Heist: Korea seems more certain about its means — get into the Mint, hold people hostage (but don’t kill anyone!), print the money, get out — than its ends. After setting up such a promising context and convincing universe, Money Heist: Korea sometimes feels like it is imprisoned by its own ambition and unsure of how to get out.

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Money Heist Korea: Park Hae-soo Reveals Real Meaning Of Mask

“Even before the shooting started, we were quite curious about what kind of mask we will be wearing, and when we heard that the Hahoe mask was chosen, and when we saw the mask in reality, I was really surprised because it is not a plain-looking mask, it is having a big smile on it and sends a sense of humor and at the same time sends a sense of mystery as well. So it has multi-layered meaning to it and I was feeling really intrigued by the mask,” Jun Jong-seo, who plays Tokyo in the series, added.

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