Ashima Singh – Tarot Reader & Reiki Master

How one can begin Spiritual Journey :

Beginning to a Spiritual Journey is a “Divine Call.” We must not miss it. We live in a materialistic world where most of our time goes in melting the daily expenses and in accumulation of wealth.

There is also one more side of us which remains untouched or unaddressed due to our tight work schedule. We don’t realize that we are all spiritual in our own way. When we realize that we then understand that there is very less in the world that we actually know.

The very realization of this feeling that, I don’t know anything, helps in beginning the spiritual journey. The first and can be the easiest step is to start sitting in the company of a sadhu, saint or a scholar. Whenni say saints and sadhus, I mean the people who have abundance of energy within themselves.

The one who are the vessels of love and affection, you feel comfortable around them, the one who are knowledgeable and have high vibrational frequencies. Start doing self-analysis, introspection about my faults, my mistakes, my actions and my reactions.

Work on your emotional balancing, starting from chakra balancing and affirmations. An affirmation always works as wonders. It keeps you motivated when you want to quit. It always keeps reminding you about your goals and dreams.

Repetition of words or chanting of mantras change a lot in life. We attract what we thought so fill your mind with positive words and feelings. Carefully practice of this exercise and see the visible changes happening in your life.

Meditation is a very powerful form for cleansing and balancing. To overcome from the blockage we may practice meditation, getting regular exercise, incorporate yoga, energy healing such as Reiki, keep a dream journal, go star gazing and have clear intentions.

Try reading some spiritual books or listen to other people journey. Spiritual journey is all about sheading the past heavy emotional baggage that we are caring from a long time.  Start doing meditation and Reiki healings; it will help you in doing the grounding of your energies.

This will bring so many positive changes into one’s life, including feeling less stressed, having more patience, better sleep, a deeper connection to inner guidance. Start writing Gratitude journal and you will realize that there are many more things we are grateful for which we never realized before.

I now believe that the more gratitude you express, the more the Universe will provide you to be grateful for. I am counting the blessings that I have in my life now. Try to reconnect with your inner magic. A feeling of gratitude for everything and everyone we have in our life.

In addition to this, chanting of mantras, listening to music or singing are some great ways to quite the chattered mind and connect to spirit through the way of heart. The greatest strength is to learn how to keep your mind peaceful by feeding good thoughts to your mind.

Make a habit of praying before you go to sleep. Think of all the good things that happened during the day, have gratitude for it. Think of all the negative things happened today and feel sorry for it.

Connect with nature by listening to the sounds around you, the wind flowing through the trees. De- clutter your thoughts by every step you take and try to bring clarity into your mind.

Writing your thoughts, all kind ok feelings like guilt, fear, regret or think of a situation you need guidance for and write about it, relax yourself and ask for the guidance. Journaling helps get you in touch with your Higher Self. You may also write about your vivid dreams to unlock the answers from Divine.

Meet the like-minded people. Higher vibrations are always important to build a strong connection, living a joyful, authentic life, will help you feel more connected to the Divine. The Universe is always working with you not against you. So all you must do is trust the process.

The best way to ensure that those miraculous gifts continue to come into your life is to remain in a state of gratitude. Don’t let up on your meditations, gratitude journals, or positive affirmations. ALL of these spiritual tools are going to strengthen your connection to the divine and the spiritual world.