An Okami Sequel May Be In The Works


Okami was a popular action-adventure video game in 2006. It introduced a unique style that was inspired by Japanese mythology. The game is about Amaterasu, the Goddess of the sun who saved the land from darkness. The goddess often changed itself into a white wolf. Game lovers were thrilled about the concept and idea of the game. It even got the Game of the Year award in 2006.

Fans loved playing the game. Now there is hope that there might be a sequel to it. Just recently Ikumi Nakamura, the developer of the game tweeted” You guys want to see Kamiya’s Okami again, right, everyone? I want to work on it too!” Fans have become extremely excited after reading this tweet. They are anxiously looking forward to the sequel of their favorite action-packed game.

Okami was one of the few releases which were released before the launch of PS 3. The game rose to fame and was then made available to PC, PS 4 and Xbox One in 2017. One of the unique features of this game was the Celestrial Brush. The brush had a unique function. You could pause the game and take the canvas game to the current screen. This brush also gave players the liberty to draw whatever pattern or effect they preferred on the screen.

You could see a strong wind on the screen by drawing a loop. Another exciting feature of the brush was that you could even cut your enemies with it. Simply by drawing a line, you could fix the bridges. This unique style of the game was quite thrilling for video game lovers. Game players loved the freedom of getting different effects in the game.

The creative art of the game was inspired by Japanese watercolor art. It also took its inspiration from wood carving art. The style of the patterns is the Ukiyo-e style. The characters of the game also came with special abilities. People found the characters lovable and charming. The patterns brought colors to the game while the characters brought power and fearlessness with their abilities.

Looking forward, game enthusiasts are expecting the sequel to be even better than the original game. The first game came up with an unexpected charm of characters and colorful patterns. There were unexpected control themes players could use.

The developers of the game are trying to get the attention of its fans by hinting them about expecting a sequel to the game. If they want to redeem the attention of the fans, they should act fast and prepare a sequel. It seems that they have only initiated the idea of having a sequel but they have not yet started working on it.

There is fierce competition in the gaming industry. It has been a decade Okami has not been in the business. Hence, they should make sure that they match up to the expectations of the game players. They have higher expectations from game developers. They don’t stand for less anymore.

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