An electric bike is rolled out by Raptee Energy in Chennai for the first time

There will soon be a new competitor in the electric motorbike market. Raptee Energy, an electric vehicle (EV) start-up based in Chennai, launched its first electric bike from its Chennai manufacturing plant on Sunday.

In 2019, Raptee a company formed of four engineers-was introduced as an electric substitute for the market for mid-range motorcycles. High voltage powertrain technology powers the company’s full-stack electric motorcycle, which offers excellent two-wheeler performance. The passenger car business is usually driven by this technology. Therefore, according to Raptee, their motorcycles may be charged at CCS2 charging stations once they are available on the market, just as electric car charging stations.

Businessline was informed by Raptee’s co-founder and CEO, Dinesh Arjun, that the company’s Porur, Chennai, assembly line has produced its first car and is up and running. “The factory can produce about one lakh units, but we’re going to start out slowly. In-depth testing, such as ARAI certification and on-road safety checks, will be performed on the initial batch of motorcycles that are currently being delivered, he stated. “We’re going to probably go for a commercial launch this quarter,” he continued.

First showroom:

Raptee’s CBO, Jayapradeep Vasudevan, announced that the company will establish distribution networks throughout India, beginning in Chennai, and that it will use a hybrid approach that combines offline and online channels. The bike is expected to cost approximately ₹2.5 lakh.

In June 2023, the EV start-up established a production facility and research and development center in Chennai. Then, Raptee declared that it will be funding the facility with ₹85 crore. Additionally, the business produces its own battery packs on a separate assembly line.

To date, Raptee received about $5 million in funding from a combination of high net worth individuals and venture capital firms. As it prepares for a commercial launch, it is simultaneously requesting funds for a new round. The startup also intends to open its first store in Chennai, which will function as a brand experience center in addition to a point of sale.

Scooters lead the electric two-wheeler market in India. The manufacturers of EV motorbikes that are available for purchase are Ultraviolette, Revolt, and Tork.