With Kannappa movie Akshay Kumar will debut in Telugu Cinema which will directed by Vishnu Manchu

On Tuesday, April 16, the film’s producers said that Vishnu Manchu and Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar will be making their Telugu film premiere in Kannappa.

“We’re happy to have Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar onboard for “Kannappa,” Vishnu Manchu’s magnum opus,” according to a post on the official movie social media profile on X (previously Twitter). Our production will reach previously unheard-of levels of grandeur and excitement with Akshay Kumar joining us. A memorable movie experience is coming up, so stay tuned!”

The announcement was also posted on Vishnu Manchu’s official X page. He plays the lead character in Kannappa. The post says, “Welcome to the Telugu Film Industry, Mr. Akshay Kumar! The #Kannappa journey just got more thrilling.” I’m excited to share the news of his Telugu film debut alongside Kannappa. Prepare yourself for an amazing journey!” The popular actor and producer Mohan Babu, along with Vishnu, were seen welcoming and wishing the Bollywood star well in the post.

Akshay received a shawl from Mohan Babu as a thank you gift. Afterwards, all three were observed deeply engaged in a discussion.

Featuring Vishnu Manchu The story of a passionate devotee of Lord Shiva is the basis for the movie Kannappa. The protagonist Kannappa’s life journey is the central theme of the narrative.

Although there are still no specifics known regarding Akshay Kumar’s part in the film, the actor thanked in his response. I’m grateful that @iVishnuManchu included me in your #Kannappa trip and gave me such a warm welcome. On X, he wrote, “Jai Mahakaal.

Directed by Mukesh Kumar In addition, Preity Mukhundhan, Mohanlal, Prabhas, Mohan Babu, R Sarathkumar, Brahmanandam, Madhoo, and Mukesh Rishi play significant roles in Kannappa’s ensemble.

The biopic, which is being produced by AVA Entertainment and 24 Frames Factory, will be available in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, and English.