Aiden Pleterski : Meet the 22-Year-Old Making Millions Trading Bitcoin

For anyone unsure about the hype surrounding cryptocurrency, or questioning its ability to generate real money, meet 22-year-old Aiden Pleterski, the Gen Z star raking in millions trading Bitcoin. Pleterski was first introduced to Bitcoin in 2015 playing video games that utilize cryptocurrency to make in-game purchases. These days, he uses real money to buy real luxury cars, vacations, and dream homes.

While enrolled in Fanshawe College in London, Ontario, the young Canadian supplemented his education by exploring other uses of cryptocurrency and learning how to properly invest and trade it. These were the early days of Bitcoin, when its stock value was still low; competition was minimal and potential was endless. Over the next few years, Pleterski stayed out in front of the growing cryptocurrency trend, expanding his portfolio and earning huge dividends from his investments. After college, Pleterski lent his technical skills to a cybersecurity company called Compass Group Canada, but soon pivoted away from the corporate track and dedicated himself to his cryptocurrency investments full-time. While many of his peers are looking for entry-level jobs, Pleterski is his own boss, and a wildly successful one at that, sharing photos of his expensive lifestyle on Instagram for his thousands of followers to envy. Follow his rise on Instagram at @aiden_pleterski