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Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik is the leader in real estate industry and Chief Executive Officer of Bahria Town in Pakistan, which is a real estate company owned by his father. Over the past few years, he took this company to new landmarks. He is inherited with superior business values and acumen from his father and top real estate developer, Malik Riaz Hussain. He has come up as one of the visionary businessmen in Pakistan with a great acumen. He is a dynamic and young personality in the corporate world and he is also engaged in philanthropic activities with a strong sense to serve mankind. 

Education and Personal Life:

Born and grown up in Rawalpindi in 1978, Ali Riaz Malik has had a strong passion in the construction industry since his early age. Ali Riaz Malik has supported his father on several projects. Initially, he witnessed huge skyscrapers and structures in the Middle East and got inspiration to bring those developments to Pakistan. In 1999, Ahmed Ali Riaz finished his school education and joined the real estate business of his father after finishing his studies in Beacon House School. His father is one of the richest entrepreneurs in Pakistan and also the chairman and founder of Bahria Town Pvt. Ltd. 

Despite being the part of a wealthy and rich family and son of a leading businessman, he started his journey from the very beginning in real estate development. He became a procurement manager in the organization of his father, Bahria Town by joining the sales and marketing team. He became project manager in 2005 with his hard work and keen efforts along the process. He went ahead in this journey and handled a lot of top projects of his company over the years. He grew up in the organization with his hard work and dedication. In 2007, he finally earned the position of CEO in Bahria Town. His business skills and knowledge took his company to great levels in the real estate industry and Bahria Town emerged as a market leader. 


Ahmad Ali Riaz Malik is the son of Malik Riaz, son of a leading property developer and he proved his acumen and strength in this business. In 2003, he married Mubashra Ali Malik, who belonged to a wealthy family which owned sugar refineries. She was born in 1983. She worked for Bahria Town after getting marked and engaged in a lot of social activities. Bahria Town also runs famous Dastarkhwans which serves around 150,000 poor people with daily meals across the nation. 

In the Holy Quran, it is mentioned that you must feed the poor to please the god, according to Holy Prophet Mohammad. In addition, removing the hunger and pain from the world and developing harmony and peace is the main base of the entire socio-economic base of Islam. But such teachings are limited to the Quran and it is unfortunately not being followed in real life. There are some kind and gentle people like Malik Riaz who always come forward as a hope to humanity. He follows the pure disciples of Quran and offers his services to help the needy. 

Existing Projects:

Over the years, a lot of key projects have been handled by Ahmed Ali Riaz by Bahria Town. Along with being the leading man behind several projects under the company, he has launched the dream project of his father, first ever Island City in Pakistan after signing an agreement with real estate tycoon based in the US, Thomas Kramer in 2013. Both the parties have mutual agreement for similar contribution in the construction and development of Bodha and Bundle islands in the city of Karachi. 

Bahria Town is handling a lot of leading projects under his leadership, such as Bin Alam City Islamabad, DHA Smart City Islamabad, Blue World City Islamabad, Bahria Town Rawalpindi, Bahria Town Karachi, and Bahria Town Lahore. Along with handling all the luxury projects, he is also doing a great job in developing Pakistan’s third biggest Masjid At Bahria Town Karachi. It will also have Paradise precincts and a sports city named Golf City. It has been a great achievement in Pakistan and Ahmed Ali Riaz is working well in the same way.  

When it comes to a huge list of projects handled by Ahmed Ali Riaz and his company Bahria Town, he has handled a lot of major developments under his management in the same area. Some of the major projects are Ahram e-Misr, Canal View Residency, Oasis, Executive Lodges, Safari Villas, Overseas Enclave, Bahria Orchard, Umer Usman & Ali Blocks, Awami Villas, Bahria Nasheman, Park Lane Tower, Bahria Education & Medical City, Mall of Lahore, and more. In addition, some of the major projects by Bahria Town Islamabad are Bahria Heights 7, Mall of Islamabad, Bahria Garden City Zone 5, The Sanctuary, Palisades Apartments, Bahria Greens, Bahria Golf City, Bahria Garden City, Bahria Enclave Apartments, Safari Homes, Awami Villas, Executive Lodges, Bahria Heights, Safari Apartments, and others. 

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