Accomplishing astounding progress with Shisha Cloud entrepreneur is Dennis Schwager

The budding businessman has worked relentlessly in life to achieve the success he enjoys today.

When we talk about various industries today, we also know about the different people who have taken those fields to astounding heights of success. The shisha and hookah sectors are amongst these that has embraced prominent, talented minds to take it to another level.

Dennis Schwager, a talented entrepreneur who is gaining massive name with his passion and determination in the sector, has enabled him to become the industry’s best entrepreneurs with his brand ‘Shisha Cloud’.

Ask him what made him name his brand Shisha Cloud and the 27-year-old entrepreneur from Ulm, Germany explains that a few years ago before beginning his company, the topic of iCloud became more and more prevalent. He needed a name that could imply the connection of several people on this topic, that is how his firm was named Shisha Cloud.

On speaking about the evolution of beginning a business with shisha and hookah products, Dennis Schwager says that he had every early got involved in water pipes and then began making videos about the topic, leveraging YouTube with his channel ‘Shisha Stabil’. As days passed by, he saw an improvement in the numbers of viewership and subscriptions. Many manufacturers also started requesting them to promote their products, where he ultimately even sold some.

Started training in 2011 as an industrial mechanic. But he shifted his focus to an online platform; he then focused his attention on social media platforms, which he saw rising each day. Hence, he started moving a YouTube Channel with his friend about hookahs in 2013.

The massive momentum he built through his creative videos prompted him to turn the same into his full-time occupation. By the end of his training in 2015, he established his company Shisha Cloud in only a 65 square meter store in the fishermen’s quarter, and everything started rolling from there.

The brand has physical and online stores. The youngster had only started with 8000 € of products and borrowed credit from the bank of 25,000€ while starting his business. Today driving a luxurious car of his money and lavish house and a big warehouse. Surely his life is set now, and the future looks very bright from here.

Talking about online marketing his business, Dennis Schwager says that he regularly communicates with his customers from Shisha Cloud via social media pages. With this, he builds up a strong fan base.

On Facebook, Shisha Cloud has gained 40K followers, and on Instagram, it is over 30K already. This proves the enthusiasm and the commitment of Dennis Schwager to take over the Shisha and hookah sector, achieving unbelievable success.

To learn more about him and his company, follow them on Instagram @nednis_ and @shishacloud_official.