A series of adulation for Sharon Choi, ‘Parasite’ director Bong Joon Ho’s interpreter

Award season is at long last over for Sharon Choi – or, as you may know, her, the lady who has been interpreting for “Parasite” director Bong Joon Ho as he’s made his press rounds.

With her fast ability for interpreting and appearances close by Bong Joon Ho on different television shows and red carpets over the last few months leading up to the Oscars, Choi, who has directing aspirations, has become something of a star herself.

Or on the other hand, as Bong Joon Ho put it in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter: “She has a big fandom.”

In a similar interview Choi, who appeared to be uncomfortable with the attention being turned on her, conceded accomplishing such a great high-profile press for “Parasite” made her “super anxious.”

“I’m just a huge fan of this film and all the filmmakers. So it’s been great,” she said. “This is so embarrassing. But, yes, it’s been great.”

Bong Joon Ho included: “She’s perfect, and we all depend on her. She’s also a great filmmaker.”

Choi is a 25-year-old Korean-American right now living in Seoul, as per the Guardian. She studied film in college, Bong Joon Ho said throughout the end of the week and has been working with him since the Cannes Film Festival in May.

Backstage, the Oscar-winning movie producer said Choi has been working on a full-length script and, “I’m so curious about it.”

“Parasite” got four awards on Sunday night, including best picture.

While on stage accepting one of his statues, Bong Joon Ho had kidded that he was going to “drink until tomorrow” in celebration of his success.

Hopefully dedicated Choi got a refreshment too.