A new generation of electric scooters and bikes is on the horizon for Hero MotoCorp

Hero Motorcorp is about to enter the electric bike market, and its bike may outperform 450cc ICE bikes in terms of performance.

The CEO of Hero MotoCorp, Niranjan Gupta, discusses the company’s upcoming electric motorcycle prototypes. We are envisioning models with excellent performance. He made it clear that these motorcycles were not intended for commuters or the economy.

Though the firm hasn’t made an official announcement, we may assume that the bike will cost between INR 4-5 Lakh. By 2026–2027, the business might introduce their bikes to the public.

In the near future, the business may release an enhanced version of the Vida scooters in addition to a new scooter that is distinct from the Vida. We think it would be reasonable because Vida caters to high-end customers.

The collaboration between Hero Motorcorp and Zero Motorcycle:

How Hero Motorcorp will be able to offer these high-end bikes is the question. The company’s partnership with California-based Zero Motorcycles has resulted in a significant advance in the electric vehicle (EV) industry.

Together, the two businesses can now co-develop high-end electric motorcycles thanks to an investment of up to USD 60 million in Zero Motorcycles. The goal of this partnership is to combine Hero’s production expertise with Zero’s technology.

Hero intends to launch Zero Motorcycles’ portfolio into the Indian market, giving Zero Motorcycles an additional advantage. Given that manufacturing would occur in India, prices are anticipated to be quite competitive. With its range of street and dual sports models, Zero will provide Indian customers with an extensive and competitive selection of electric bikes.

Hero Motorcorp’s Upcoming Product Schedule:

In the next years, Hero MotoCorp plans to introduce three electric scooters as part of its ambitious electrified roadmap. We anticipate the release of a mid-range and an affordable scooter within the Vida line in the upcoming 12 months. A B2B-focused scooter aimed at the expanding last-mile connectivity market will be the third addition.