A Musician on Rise with Hard work and Dedication – Benjii (@Bluesaintstrip)


Benjii (@saintbluestrip) is one of few recording artists from Vancouver, British Colombia. Over the year of 2019 the hip-hip artist has consistently dropped outstanding records including his debut song “GHO$t”. His versatility allows him to cover many different of styles of rap and rb&b. Accumulating 96 thousand views on his first music video “P.I.C” Benjii plans to bring more and more projects to the table. Being his first year in the music industry the artist has accomplished a lot with already having his first show, coming up in the late fall of 2019. Hosting in his home town tickets are expected to sell out with in the first week. 

The amount of love this artist shows to upcoming artists and small brands is outstanding. From helping promote the youths tracks to buying from smaller brands, Benjii does a lot of what music artists should actually do. He says “I just like to help these kids out for real. I know what it’s like to just start out and be like the soundcloud clown you feel me? i think these artists should drop their ego and start given back, cause all this extra sh*t isn’t healthy.” proving he’s standing strong with his city, Benjii truly wants Vancouver to shine. 

Upcoming releases include “For her entertainment” which drops August 23rd and “I don’t understand” which includes a music video scheduled to release mid September. This consistency and work ethic shows me that Benjii will continue to grow faster and faster every day. Slowly taking control in the Canadian Hip-Hop industry.

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