A Look at Ethan Bavuu’s Successful Professional Journey From Battlefield to Boardroom

A​s COVID-19 swept the world last year it also revolutionized how we do business. Businesses had to adapt to a rapidly and ever-changing situation that was entirely out of their control, turning to the tools that would help them overcome the challenges they faced. Regulations and advice, unfortunately, left traditional brick-and-mortar locations shuttered in the interest of public health. E-commerce and marketing specialist Ethan Bavuu explains how the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated e-commerce in 2020.

A military veteran and successful entrepreneur, Ethan understands that navigating challenges is the key to reaching your goals. “Staying in business became a paramount concern, and shifting online was the way to do it,” states Ethan. “2020 was all about looking beyond the status quo and making what’s possible work for your business.”

W​hile quarantine meant ample time at home, it didn’t prevent the fact that people were still shopping, and consumers flocked to businesses that could meet their needs. “E-commerce and digital business were already on the rise,” explains Ethan. “COVID-19 just put it into hyperdrive. Businesses had to go somewhere, and digital platforms provided a safe and socially distant way to get work done.”

By finding reliable e-commerce partners, companies could not only maintain their sales but increase them by reaching larger audiences. “Many businesses found that when they put their focus online instead of physical locations, they exponentially increased their sales,” says Ethan. “E-commerce in 2020 essentially lifted the restrictions a location-based strategy puts on us and brought us untapped market segments via optimized websites and social media.”

E​than makes a great point and maintains that 2020 is just the start of this e-commerce boom. He explains further, “there is no going back now. Now that businesses have blown the lid off e-commerce, the mission will turn to how we can optimize it even further.” With high hopes for what e-commerce represents for the future, Ethan intricately knows that no business strategy is complete without it. Taking the first step towards fulfillment puts your business on a profitable path in our modern and digitally driven world.