A Doctor turned Entrepreneur Parwiz Daud is excelling in the world of Direct Sales, Fintech, Software Development and much more

As a young student, Parwiz Daud exhibited a love for science that ultimately led him to become a medical doctor. As part of a family brimming with high achievers, he was always destined to excel, but even he couldn’t anticipate the level of success he would attain. 

Dr Daud, a London-based doctor, philanthropist, network marketer, and skilled entrepreneur, is the living embodiment of someone who never settles for what he has. This multidimensional dynamic personality has served as the CEO of multiple firms, including an online e-learning platform, a digital payment solutions company, a software development company, and various philanthropic organisations dedicated to making the world a better place. 

His digital payment solutions firm provided an opportunity to empower communities by offering an alternative means to trade in the quickly changing global economy. This medium was widely accessible, internationally usable, substantially more reliable, and based on blockchain technology, making it more secure than any fiat currency. 

Dr Daud has always been driven by his insatiate desire to give back to his community and help others in whatever way he can. He was already a medical practitioner when he decided to pursue a masters in Diabetes and Endocrinology. He also worked as a lecturer at the same Leicester University for a short period of time.

However, Dr Daud soon realised that he would be unable to have the desired life-long impact on people via his medical profession. Instead he began to focus on education and financial literacy, as he firmly believed these tools would have the most significant impact on a person’s life. Serving as a foundation, these tools would give people the best chance at a financially stable lifestyle, ultimately resulting in a healthier body and mind. The transition from treating chronic conditions to trying to prevent them altogether is the insight Dr Daud used to propel his career into new heights.   

In search of the next opportunity that would allow him to have the biggest impact on people, Dr Daud discovered the network marketing industry and quickly found himself captivated by the opportunity. Here he was able to change the lives of hundreds of people globally, each of which impacted further hundreds of individuals. The ripple effect of his work was an undeniable success. Having become one of the industries top leaders and achievers, he then began to travel the world as a public speaker due to his effectiveness as a leader and swift rise to fame. Following on the heels of his success in the networking industry, Dr Daud soon found himself a novice student of the newly emerging fintech industry. Before long, he adopted the role of a consultant and began educating and informing people and companies on the potential of what lay ahead in the industry.

As a philanthropist first and foremost, Dr Daud has supported multiple charitable organisations throughout his career, both as a participant and a volunteer, and started up numerous projects personally to aid the less fortunate. Chief amongst his responsibilities was providing food, primary medical care, education, and digging wells.

To know more about his work, visit (www.linkedin.com/in/dr-parwiz-daud/?originalSubdomain=uk)