A British Bangladeshi National Tawhid Pritam Becomes A Youth Icon For Digital Creators

“A photograph is worth a thousand words.” A photograph portrays all the emotions behind a scene or a person’s face without using words. Photography has the power to draw a person’s attention without him trying very hard. An average person clicks 4-6 photos in a day, but the art of photography can’t be learned by all. Photography is a subtle art, meant to be learned only by those who have the desire to dive deep into the sea of imagination. Tawhid Pritam is a professional photographer, video editor, film maker, and vlogger, making him an excellent digital content creator.

Tawhid Pritam is one of the emerging names in the race for digital content creation. He is a professional digital content creator from London, United Kingdom. Born on February 12, 1997, in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Tawhid moved to the UK with his mother when he was 10 years old. Tawhid grew up seeing his mother work very hard, which eventually inspired him to see through and feel everything, and photography fulfilled this desire of his.

Before entering the media industry in 2015, Tawhid completed his formal education and gained the required set of skills. When Tawhid was 15, he worked as an assistant wedding filmmaker and photographer. At the age of 17, Tawhid launched his own company called Star One Studio. Star One Studio is a multimedia company that offers professional photography and videography services for weddings and music videos. At the age of 25, Tawhid bought his first home in Essex. It is an extremely fancy top floor apartment with a net worth of $300,000. He has also adorned it with his creative media stuff.

Tawhid says that he chose a career in media to make use of his creativity and introspection. As a travel vlogger, Tawhid’s driving forces come simply from the way he looks at the world and from his own imagination and interpretation of the world. Tawhid has also developed a film called “London to Snowdonia: A Travel Film.” Tawhid works hard to capture beautiful moments in the form of photos, videos, etc. and pours all his hard work and determination into the process.

Tawhid is renowned amongst his peers as BO55TRY. BO55TRY is a UK private car registration plate that he bought back in 2017. It’s currently installed in his very unique Urban Green BMW F30.Tawhid’s net worth is $350k as of 2022. He also recently launched his YouTube channel in September as a travel and lifestyle vlogger, which has received a huge response from his online community.